Commoners Sky Gardens

Commoners Sky Garden:

As the name suggests it is for commoners and as for the terrain it is in on a high point and it’s like a hilly garden.

This location is available only in dreams of one and there no project equal to it.


Its entrance is on Murree expressway.

it is adjacent to Bahria Golf City.

commoners sky garden was a project of commoners.

Their history is also excellent.

The commoner’s group has developed such high standard societies like DHA phase 2 phase 5 Islamabad.

Commoners have a good reputation as developers and always choose a high-class location.

Commoner’s sky garden has all its land acquired and the gov has purchased the project.

Project Benefits:

It is under Naya Pakistan Housing program of the ministry of housing and works.

Therefore now the project is now more authentic than ever.

LAND and development are under Federal gov and commoners.

The project inauguration was by the PM of Pakistan Imran khan.

This project has a land area of ten thousand kanals and soon there will be an apartment project by the gov.

This project is under federal gov.


Gov has announced plots booking for its employees and the rate for Kanal is:

50 lacs and will be on installments.

and 10 marlas will be on 32 lacs on installments.

old rates of plots were very low and the price for 10 MARLAS was 30 lac

and Kanal was 45 lac.

Old plots are available on full price but rates have increased but still less than those on installments.

sizes of streets are 40 ft and the main road is 4 lane.

after 3 months almost all the transfers will be under F.E.G.H.A (Federal Government Employees Housing Authority).

The possession will be given to those who have full payment plots.

This location will be one of the best in the future of projects in Islamabad.

as the cities are expanding there are very few good locations and peaceful places left.

This housing project is away from the hustle of cities.

The prices are also very low as compared to local societies available in the area.

The project will be done on a priority basis as it is in the manshoor of the current gov.

as everyone knows the project is under development,

the prices are in reach so its the best time to invest.


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