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DHA homes Islamabad Introduced on August 18, 2008, close to Phase VI ‐ (Ex Phase II Extn). The project was met with outstanding responses from the public.

writing new success stories.

Heavy civil engineering equipment was used on-site to turn existing landscapes and valleys into world‐class towns.


In this respect, the development of the DHA Valley Expressway, connecting the Islamabad Highway to the DHA Valley Is in its final stages.

DHA Valley residents have access to all first‐class services and amenities. Which include,

Jamia mosque Golf course Theme park Community club

Commercial projects ETC.

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Builders and JV:

DHA Homes Islamabad was a Joint venture in DHA Islamabad and one of the most enchanting places to live.

But because if mismanagment of Bahria the project was delayed.



Now the Project is under the direct supervision of DG(WNR) GHQ Housing Directrate.



DHA Islamabad is owned by the Pakistani army Housing directorate in GHQ Rawalpindi The developer is Habib Rafik (Pvt.) Limited (HRL).


DHA Islamabad and Rawalpindi trade in all modern civic institutions and established communities of residential, commercial, and mixed-use to meet your wishes and dream lifestyle.


DHA Housing Islamabad developers are characterized by all dimensions of construction such as infrastructure, design, and urban planning.

The Islamabad Defense Authority is divided into five stages.

DHA Phase 1      DHA Phase 2          DHA Phase 3         DHA Phase 4         DHA Phase 5

DHA Phase 6 (Original Phase ‐ II Extn)         DHA Valley Islamabad (which will be called DHA Phase 7)

Defense Housing authority A Brand:

DHA Islamabad is not the only DHA project in Pakistan.

The Housing Authority has also built societies in other cities.

For armed officers who either retire or sacrifice and for their families such as DHA Lahore

DHA Peshawar DHA Karachi DHA Bhawalpur DHA Quetta DHA Multan

Askari Appartments ETC.

This company is. It is specially designed for the military such as B Park Brick City, university cities, and other home companies such as Capital Smart City.


DHA Homes Valley Islamabad:

DHA Valley is the last stage of DHA Islamabad.

At this stage, a rapid pace of real estate procurement and development was set.

On December 23, 2018, a successful vote was cast to hand over fully developed land in DHA valley to members for ownership.

Another ballot is planned for this year, with 15,000 fully developed land to be handed over to shareholders.

About 13,000 plots were developed each year. Possession of Residential plots is also round the corner. on 10 April 2019 residential plots balloting was done. now the news of possession is roaming.

DHA Valley Grid station features have been completed and critical services such as sewerage, water, and roads are all created in a step‐by‐step program.

Work on the bridge connecting DHA valley, along with DHA Stage 5 and Islamabad highway through the DHA highway, began after moving to a new location.

DHA phase 6 is also completed, which will be connected with bluebell and DHA phase 5.

DHA Homes Islamabad is a housing project in DHA Valley Islamabad.

DHA Homes House Islamabad Location:

DHA Homes Islamabad is located in the heart of Islamabad DHA Valley. These houses are located in the Lily Block & Oleander block.

DHA Housing Islamabad’s main access road is the DHA Highway, but it is under construction. More than half of the construction work will be completed and the motorway will be completed in a period of 1.5 years

At the moment, DHA Homes Islamabad can be accessed simply via Kalar Sydian Road and we drive through temporary access from shah bar and Oleander block.

Near the housing company to DHA Housing Islamabad are Zahraj Housing Association, River Gardens Housing Scheme, Barrier City Islamabad, and Barrier City Rawalpindi.

The main road is a 15‐minute drive from DHA Homes. This road connects Islamabad Highway and GT road through DHA Home Islamabad. Giga Mall Islamabad is a few minutes’ drive from the company. If you want to go to Islamabad, the main road from Islamabad through Kalar Sydian the best.

Map of DHA Homes Islamabad:

Here is the map of DHA Homes Islamabad.



Changes can Be Made According to Further Development.

The map includes 8 Marla Double Story Houses in one block, and block B includes an A&B block consisting of 5 Marla 1‐story houses. There is still plenty of space on this map, labelled as a future extension that will be the home of C and D.

The layout of DHA Homes shows that these houses are attractively designed houses with spacious rooms & accommodations. Design and structural standards meet current standards for residential development.

DHA Homes offers exclusive facilities and facilities to provide luxury residents of DHA international standards.


A well‐equipped hospital

An International Standard School A Beautiful dam view

Golf course

24‐hour maintenance Staff

Wide road network with green belt Gated Community & 24/7 Security Commercial areas and shopping centers Theme park

Imported fixtures and fittings Excellent surface Spacious bedroom with private bathroom DHA Homes Islamabad Size.

5-Marla DHA Homes Islamabad:

The 5‐Marla DHA Homes is a single story with 2 bedrooms and a separate house with car veranda and kitchen. These are perfect for small families.


8-Marla DHA House Islamabad:

The 8‐Marla DHA house has two floors, and the single unit has 3 bedrooms (with private bathroom), a separate house with car veranda, drawing, dining room, living room, kitchen, shop, terrace, and servant’s room. 8 Marla homes are suitable for families of 4 to 6 members of medium size.

DHA Homes Islamabad Price Plan:

DHA Homes Islamabad is one of the lower costs with a high investment return option to invest your hard‐earned money.

If you compare the Islamabad price of DHA housing construction to DHA Homes’ highest quality standards, you will be surprised to learn that your construction costs are roughly equal to the general cost of these finished homes.

The price of the plot is extra.

People who have paid all Installments paid the full amount, and cleaned the fees can offer the house there as DHA Homes Islamabad.

At the moment, the cost of a DHA home is still quite low.

Therefore, this is one of the highly recommended investment options.

With the concept of providing differentiated housing solutions, 5&8 Marla’s affordable residential units with high‐quality furniture and surfaces were launched on September 18, 2008.

The launch was an overwhelming response from all parts of society.

The re‐vote on ownership of DHA Homes was held on June 7, 2017, at Jungle Restaurant.

The event was attended by DHA dignitaries and members of DHA Homes. DHA Homes is a completely safe gated community with all amenities to complement the affordable DHA lifestyle. The first batch of DHA homes is completed and others are in various stages of rapid development. Ownership of the completed DHA House is in the process of being prepared and then this community will experience a significant escalation of value and demand.

The number of DHA homes has been handed over to customers, who have come to live and enjoy the facilities provided by the DHA community.



High living standards and innovative construction distinguish Islamabad in DHA defense, the rest. This is the perfect company from an investment point of view as it has world‐class amenities and rewarding returns in a really short time.

Cost, construction status, and criteria are the most attractive factors for investment. If you compare these houses with each one built in the safari valley of the barrier city, you can see that the benefits are possible. The cost of a single‐story, two‐bed subway home can cost about 1.10 crore rupees from a double‐story ranch home at about 60 racks and 8 Marla.

If ownership is declared after the highway is completed, the cost of the house can increase by 70‐ 100 percent. Many investors choose DHA Homes for medium‐ to long‐term investments because there are many positive elements of this investment. There are already many homes, so it’s about possessions that can steadily increase the value of your investment.



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