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ABOUT DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town, and Habib Rafiq collaborated to start DHA Valley Islamabad. A safe neighbourhood with parks, services, shops, schools, mosques, and a hospital were all part of the idea. The master plan for the project was created by the California-based firm OJMR Architects. The infrastructure for transportation is the charge of Habib Rafiq. AREA, a Turkish business, is building DHA residences in Islamabad. The projects DHA Valley (Overseas Block), DHA Homes, and DHA Commercial Avenue are all part of the DHA Valley Islamabad master plan.

DHA Valley Plot Sizes

There are 19 blocks in DHA Valley with DHA housing.5 marla and 8 marla are the sizes of residential plots. Commercial plots come in sizes of 4 marla, 8 marla In DHA Valley, there are 5 and 8 marla houses in DHA Homes Valley, respectively.


The DHA is renowned for offering its residents every amenity. It includes a superior security system, excellent educational facilities.,beautiful parks, broad roadways, ongoing maintenance services.,without any interruptions, water, gas, electricity, advertising, shopping centers, etc. The DHA has established a construction standard. There is absolutely no danger of fraud in the DHA property, and the government manages itself.

DHA Valley Islamabad Location

Only Kallar Syedan Road is open to you for access.DHA Expressway will be the major entrance to DHA Valley. The last remaining section of the expressway is finished. The completion of the access to DHA Valley may take 1.5 years, according to DHA authorities. It, when finished, has the power to alter DHA Valley’s course.

DHA Valley Location

DHA Valley Blocks

The housing society is divided into several well-known blocks.

  • Blue Bell Block

  • Rose Block

  • Tulip Block

  • Daisy Block

  • Daffodils Block

  • Lilly Block

  • Oleander Block

  • Eglantine Block

  • Jasmine Block

  • Gloxinia Block

  • Lavender Block

  • Lotus Block

  • Marigold Block

  • Snowdrop Block

  • Zinnia Block

  • Iris Block

Developed Block

DHA Valley Islamabad First Balloting

 Balloting proceeds in stages. In 2018, the DHA Home vote was held. In 2019, there was balloting for plots. In balloting, the priority is to those who have paid their installments on time.

DHA Valley Islamabad Second Balloting

 Now in 2020, there will be a poll in August. After balloting, possession will also be given. Tuning affects the rate of the valley.You can find out about the latest voting in the DHA Valley here as soon as new information is available

DHA Valley Islamabad Third Balloting

DHA Valley had done their third balloting back in December 2021. The balloting result was announced on DHA Valley website. Approximately 700 residential plots of previous allottees are announced in the balloting. The size of the plots was 5 Marla and 8 Marla as well. This affected the rate in a very positive way.     

DHA Valley Islamabad Fourth Balloting

On July 20, 2022, DHA Islamabad performed its Fourth balloting of the remaining plot files in DHA Valley. Approximately 10,000 files of 5 Marla and 8 Marla were balloted.

DHA Valley now offers 15000 different plot alternatives, and there are still many files available. The DHA Valley management may shortly release more possibilities after being informed of the voting day.

Remember to include the CNIC (if the file has been moved, use the allottee CNIC; if the file is open, use the CNIC number that appears on the first two installment slips).

To distribute commercial and residential plots to interested parties, DHA performed a balloting process. DHA Valley Balloting winners may construct their residences. DHA Valley is home to numerous families, all of whom benefit from its top attributes. On June 9, 2022, the specified location successfully hosted the plot allotment balloting. Participating in the DHA Valley Islamabad Rawalpindi Balloting event are thousands of interested people. In the most recent DHA Valley voting, 1787 buyers were victorious. This week, they will distribute the plots they purchased. After that, they can begin building single- or double-story homes.

Find out about the latest balloting in the DHA Valley here at salaarmarketing.com as soon as new information is available.

DHA Valley Overseas Block

It is situated in a prominent and elevated area, offering a unique lifestyle in a safe and secure atmosphere amidst the wonders of nature. The project also provides luxurious amenities that meet international standards, making it the ideal option for Pakistanis residing abroad who seek quality, excellence, and living up to international standards.

The key feature of Magnolia block is that there is a surprise for the buyers. The surprise is that the developers have given a master plan for building a helipad in it. It is one of the key features of any society and with DHA you can expect more.

The name of the overseas blocks are as follows:

Reaons to Invest in DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley Islamabad is a high-end residential development by a well-known and reputable developer organization. The housing society has the potential of a smart and profitable investment. The project is situated at a prime position in Islamabad, near the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase II Extension.


One of the remarkable advantages of this futuristic residential and commercial project is its spectacular state-of-the-art architecture, connected and carpeted highways, and secure gated community. The residential project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest due to the following best features:

Project Features  Project Features  Project Features 
Best opportunity for a modern way and future investment
DHA Valley Islamabad Possession:

The ownership of DHA Valley Islamabad depends on the specified extra balloting and the issuance of a unused final map some time recently taking ownership. Within the to begin with balloting of DHA Valley Islamabad on 23rd December 2018, nearly 5000 plot records were doled out to the enrolled members of the private society. The ownership of private plots within the Oleander, Lily, and Daffodils pieces will be declared before long. The choice to require ownership in early 2020 was made at a assembly between DHA Islamabad and DHA Valley Affecters on 24th December 2019.

CONS of DHA Valley

  • Low budget investment
  • Easy to invest by small businessmen

  • Small profits, stable profits

  • No chance of fraud

  • The future profits are huge, ordinary people can’t understand

  • Building houses on small plots can also be affordable by the middle class

  • DHA Residential Houses are also cheap and easily accessible to everyone

  • Cheap advertising for long term investments as well

  • Now all of this is conceivable in DHA

If you want to do something for your children and grandchildren, this is the best gift for them. After 5 or 10 years houses will be hard to buy or build and people will get apartments. This is the best option available for ensuring your sibling’s future.

Investing plan in the DHA-Islamabad

This is a tremendous investment opportunity, but investors will need to wait a long period to invest with fantastic results. The DHA-Islamabad offers its customers long-term investment choices available in Pakistan based on their investment budget.

The following list results from dividing the investment options by maximum return potential without taking into account any financial constraints:

Commercial Plots:

There is always a huge profit margin in commercials. When you compare the pricing of commercial and residential plots, the profit rate is relatively large. Our knowledge allows us to identify the commercial properties with the highest profit margins. With a far bigger potential, profits on commercial plots currently in 2022 Aug range from 80 lac to 1 Crore rupees.

DHA Valley Homes:

The second-best investment opportunity might be homes. You can clearly see the potential profit from this investment by comparing the costs of these houses to those constructed in Other housing societies.

Homes are the project in DHA valley that is most likely to be completed first and have a profit potential of at least double that. It can therefore be regarded as a solid medium-term investment.

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