Reasons Why Rudn Enclave Islamabad is the Best Investment Option

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Location map

Reasons Why Rudn Enclave Islamabad is the Best Investment Option:


Investment is done by people in order to secure their future.

But when you actually think of investing in something you might have some basic and most important queries like where should we invest our money? When should we invest it?

Or how can we do it?

And these queries can even convince you that it’s impossible for you to make an investment and it’s the major reason salaarmarketing.com a real estate marketing agency with the experience of more then 10 year in real estate business and have been dealing for well reputed societies like DHA is here to give guidance to people who want to invest their money in the best possible option. When you think of invest your money, real estate should be your priority as it is the best investment option if you are a Pakistani, due to its increasing land value and in Pakistan Rudn enclave Islamabad can be your best investment option. Here are the reasons why:

Project Authentication:

First question or doubt which comes into your mind before investing your money in any project is that, that is the project is even authentic?  Rudn enclave Islamabad is an upcoming housing scheme. It aims to become a hallmark of contemporary architecture & a service-oriented project, making use of national & international abilities and expertise. NESPAK is the planner & designer of Rudn Enclave which is National Engineering Services a prestigious Government institute. It is one of the top engineering consultancy organizations in Asia and Africa on international level in world. RMRSCO is also working on this Islamabad real estate project. These organizations being involve in this project itself proves the authentication of the project.

Prime Location:

Rudn enclave is an Islamabad real estate project which is design by taking In view of growing housing demand in the twin cities, RMRSCO intends to build a quality housing project on Adyala Road at prime location of Ring Road Rawalpindi (CPEC ROUTE) & near New Islamabad International Airport. Rudn Enclave Location is considered ideal for so many aspects.
The Access-I of Rudn Enclave is closely situated to Adyala interchange of Rawalpindi Ring Road. Adyala road having Endless amenities and easy access from all the main roads make Rudn Enclave the next-go-to destination of Rawalpindi.

Thus, with this prime location, the following top locations will become so closer to Rudn Enclave
after the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road.

*New Islamabad International Airport at 5 to 10 minutes’ driveT-chowk along with Giga mall at 10 to 15 minutes’ drive Zero Point via Kashmir Highway at 20 to 25 minutes’ drive on other hands Rawalpindi’s major zones are also present at the drive of hardly 15 minutes. Thus, Rudn Enclave Location is best among all other projects in line.

Plus Factors:

Salaar Marketing.com is suggesting you to invest your money in rudn enclave Islamabad because

1.Attach to Main Adyala road
2. Gas & electricity already available on Adyla till Jarar Camp
3. Registry process is fast, after completion of payment.
4. Ring road interchange is on society entry Gate.
5. Water Sources (Java dam, Khasala dAm, Sawan River)


Investing your money  in this Islamabad real estate project is best possible investment you can make at this time according to salaarmarketing.com as the project is at its groud level and can provide you the maximum profit, hence invest your money now.

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