PIA officers cooperative housing society

PIA Executive Cooperative Housing Society:

Announced possession on 7th match:


First things first This is the only RDA Approved Housing project which will have the benefits of ring road prices inflation.

secondly, Its possession is going to be on the 7th of march.

Thirdly the prices are very low right now as compared to other societies.

PIAOCHS Master Plan PIAOCHS provides all the basic necessities of life in one step.

The PIA Officer Cooperative Housing Association is in a very environmentally friendly location, which is a very economically hot place due to the Rawalpindi Ring Road project.

With a 5 km ring road, it will support the PIA residential community in the near future. PIAOCHS is a co-operative brand that ensures a comfortable life for residents Ring Road, Rawalpindi.

The ring road is 5 km away from PIAOCHS.

It will push up the prices of the PIA residential community, as it happened on the Lahore Ring Road. PIAOCHS is the only society in Rawalpindi, right next to the Rawalpindi ring road. The RDA-approved Rawalpindi Development Authority approval reference is available at PIAOCHS. It is also approved by the RDA & Cooperative Department.

So it’s a safe residential society very close to the Rawalpindi ring road.

PIAOCHS Master Plan

1: Very wide roads from 90 feet to 36 feet.

2: Water and sewage, electricity, gas, telephone service.

3: Security system

4: Commercial area and shopping plaza

5: Family park and school

6: Cemetery and mosque.


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